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Welcome to Making Your Own PMU Variant Wikia

This wikia is a tutorial for how to

  • Create & Host your server
  • Create your own content using your own client

Don't Skip Ahead.

Have you played Pokemon Mystery Universe and wanted to be on the staff team but were not accepted or wanted to change something? All you have to do is follow this tutorial step by step and everything should work out

Special Thanks To
  • Festivo for helping me with the MySQL & Navicat Setups, June 2015.
  • Rai who developed RaileyBuilder that made server & client framework installation a breeze, Aug 2015.
  • Foxie for giving the database and helping to resolve the TCP problem on the server, July 2015.
  • Zoura for helping to resolve some minor problems, Aug 2015 and for making an outdated, but similar, tutorial, 2014.
  • Castelii for pointing out the firewall rules, July 2015.
  • Silone for the images seen here & this step by step tutorial, Sept 2015.
This tutorial was made using Windows 8.1.

Silone had 3 previous installs

  • First: Making a how to video screwed it up.
  • Second: Server would not load database at startup. Equaled reinstall.
  • Third: Game Data Wipe made logins unresponsive.


The Download

Navicat has been updated. Use this one instead. You will need Utorrent.


This is what comes with the download.

Most of this is required if you want host your server and your game.

To extract it, you need Winrar.

MySQL Server Setup

MySQL Server Setup

Open mysql-installer-web-community-

Once opened, just let it do its thing.
MySQL License Agreement

MySQL License Agreement

Check the box.


MySQL Setup Type

MySQL Setup Type.

Select Server Only.


MySQL Installation

MySQL Installation

This is letting you know it is ready.


MySQL Downloading

MySQL Downloading

This lets you know that its downloading.
Screenshot (1037)

MySQL Installing

After it downloads, it will start installing.
Screenshot (1038)

MySQL Install Complete

Once it's done installing, you should see this.


Screenshot (1039)

MySQL Ready To Configure

Now your server is ready to be configured.


Screenshot (1040)

MySQL Configure Setup

Config Type Development Machine
Checked TCP/IP

Open Firewall Port

Unchecked Name Pipe

Shared Memory

Advanced Options

Port Optional To Change

Silone has used 4001, 4401, & 2011 prior to this.

Screenshot (1041)

MySQL Roles

Now its time to setup the password.
  • Create one that you will be able to remember EASILY.
  • Leave the accounts blank
Screenshot (1042)

MySQL Windows Service

Leave this unchanged.


Screenshot (1043)

MySQL Apply Configuration

Now it will test the configuration you made and go through those steps.


Screenshot (1045)

MySQL Configuration Complete

Configuration should now be done.

Verify in the log that this is correct.


Screenshot (1123)
This appears once, every day.

Once Midnight comes (12:00 am), no matter what your doing,

this will appear.

Close it by the red X.

If you are reinstalling, you will have to re-enter the server password you made at the time of making the account


Navicat is needed for the following reasons

  • The client connects to it.
  • All 3 SQL Databases for the server use Navicat.
  • Game & Player Data are accessed through Navicat.
Screenshot (1047)

Navicat Installation

Run navicat8_mysql_en.


Screenshot (1048)

Navicat License

This is just the License.


Screenshot (1049)

Navicat Install Directory

Install directory. Optional to change.


Screenshot (1050)

Navicat Start Menu Folder

The start menu folder.


Screenshot (1051)

Navicat Extras

2 extra options.


Screenshot (1052)

Navicat Pre Install Summary

Summary of the previous 3 images.


Screenshot (1053)

Navicat Installing

It's installing.

Wait it out.

Screenshot (1054)

Navicat Install Complete

It's done.

Open it.

Screenshot (1055)
This is the registration prompt.


Do not worry, you won't be charged or asked to make an account.

Screenshot (1056)
Cancel (NOT THE RED X).

And your in.

Screenshot (1057)
This is Navicat.
Screenshot (1058)

Click New Connection.

Enter the following
Connection Name Name it something that you can remember.

Silone did the initials of the game name

Example: PDJ [Pokemon Dungeon Jokers]

Hostname Do Not Change This
Port The port you you made when configuring MySQL
Username Should be root by default
Password Password created when Configuring MySQL
Screenshot (1060)
Now Test the connection


Successful Ok.


Unsuccessful Check:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

And Try Again

Did MySQL Error or did it complete fully?


  • Uninstall MySQL and Reinstall
Screenshot (1061)
Right click the connection you made.

Open Connection.

Minimize Navicat for the time being.


Workbench is needed for the following reasons

  • Edit .cs files
  • Building your game
Screenshot (1062)

open mysql-workbench-community-6.2.5-win32

Installing Workbench.


Screenshot (1063)
Install Directory.


Screenshot (1064)
Setup Type.



Screenshot (1065)
Ready To Install.


Screenshot (1066)
Wait for the install to finish.
Screenshot (1067)
Install is done.

Launch Workbench.


Screenshot (1068)
This is workbench.

Ignore the model.

Click the +.

Screenshot (1069)
Similar to Navicat
  • Name: name your connection
  • Method: don't change
  • Hostname: don't change
  • Port: the port of the server
  • Username: root
  • Password: clear the password
  • Schema: don't change
Screenshot (1070)
Test the connection first.

Enter the password.

Check: Store Password


Screenshot (1071)
If you see this, its connected.

Ignore SSL.

Screenshot (1072)
The connection is set.

Close Workbench.

Extracting Database

Winrar is required to extract

Screenshot (1073)
Right click.

Extract Files.

Screenshot (1075)
Once the location is selected,

begin extraction.

Screenshot (1076)
Move the extracted database into your game's folder.

Silone recommends making a folder for the game.

The folder will be housing 3 things:

  • Database
  • Game
  • Server


RaileyBuilder is needed for

  • Installing Server
  • Installing Client's Framework
Screenshot (1077)
Open RaileyBuilder
Screenshot (1078)
First, browse for your game folder.

RaileyBuilder won't install nothing without the Installation Folder.

Install Server.

Screenshot (1079)
Once you find the game folder, make a new folder.

Name it Server.


Screenshot (1081)
Server Installation Started.
Screenshot (1082)
Progression To Building Server.
Screenshot (1083)
More Progression.

You will be prompted.


  • Navicat Username: root
  • MySQL Password
  • MySQL Port


Screenshot (1084)
More Progression.
Screenshot (1085)
Almost Done.
Screenshot (1086)

Repeat, except do the following

  • Browse
  • Find Game Folder
  • New Folder: Client
  • Install Client
Screenshot (1087)
Close this window after 5 minutes.

The bar is glitched and will not show progress beyond this point.

Screenshot (1088)
If you are in your client's folder while installing,

after you close this window,

your client folder will look like this

Screenshot (1089)
Wait a couple minutes.


Should look like this now.

Prepping The Database

Screenshot (1090)
Go into the Server's Folder.

Extract Content_Data.

A new folder should now appear in this list.

Screenshot (1091)
Go back into Navicat.

Open the connection if it is closed.

Right click the connection.

New Database.

Screenshot (1092)
Just like this.

Ignore the last one.

Database name must match the SQL's from Server's Content_Data.


Screenshot (1093)
Create 2 more databases.

Same Character Set.


  • mdx_players
  • mdx_schemas
Screenshot (1094)
Right click.

Execute Batch File (aka SQL).

Screenshot (1095)
Find the matching SQL.


Screenshot (1099)
Execute all 3 databases at once so you won't have to redo or wait until later.
Screenshot (1115)
Players should finish very quickly.

The other 2 will take some time.

Screenshot (1116)
This is the error message you will get if you try to start your server

before the batch files have finished.

The server will then fail and not start.

Screenshot (1124)
This is how long it took all 3 to finish for me.

Ignore the error message. There was still data from the previous server install.


  • Left: mdx_data
  • Center: mdx_players
  • Right: mdx_schemas

Visual Studio

Open vs_community.


Building The Game

Go into the client's folder.

Open Client (Not the folder and the only one that's not a notepad document)

Screenshot (1103) - Copy
First, make check which way you want the build to go.

As indicated by the red box.

There are 2 types:

  • Debug
  • Release
Screenshot (1102)

Build Solution.

The game will be built as either Debug or Release, depending on your choice.

Your welcome to also build the game with the other choice as well.

Screenshot (1105)
Wait for the build to finish.
Screenshot (1106)
Ignore the warnings.

Your game is suppose to build like this, even with the warnings.

Your will find your game under

Client > Client > bin

When you first start your game, an error will appear telling you your missing the tittle song.

You have 2 choices:

  • Move PMD3) Title.ogg into the music folder before opening the game
  • Reopen the game after the error appears

Starting The Server

Head into the Server's Folder.

Find bin > Release.


Screenshot (1126)
Wait for everything to load.

The more content there is, the long it takes to load.

Screenshot (1127)
Seeing This?

Your server is up and ready.

Screenshot (1128)
The client must be closed until the server is up.

Otherwise, it will display offline until its reopened.

If your server is giving an error when on TCP.

It means that something is wrong with the database.

Most likely that it didn't load or the SQL's crashed early before they finished there executions.

Moving Server 5.7

The folder from the download contains server data for MySQL 5.7.

The download has it at 5.8. Yours may be at a later version.

Move it to C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7.

RaileyBuilder's Server Install will not work if 5.7 is not there.

Inbound Firewall Rules

Go into your Control Panel.

Network & Internet.

System & Security from the list on the left.

Windows Firewall.

Advanced Settings.

Click Inbound Rules.

New Rule (on the right).


TCP, then enter the server's port number.

Allow the connection.

Leave all 3 checked.

Name it something easy like 3306 TCP IN.


Now repeat the Inbound New Rule with UDP as well.

Outbound Firewall Rules

In the firewall, click Outbound Rules.

New Rule (on the right).


TCP, then enter the server's port number.

Allow the connection. The default is to BLOCK IT.

Leave all 3 checked.

Name it something easy like 3306 TCP IN.


Now repeat the Inbound New Rule with UDP as well.

Making Yourself Staff

Screenshot (1130)
Go into Navicat.



Screenshot (1132)
Access Column.
  • 0: Player
  • 1: Moderator
  • 2: Mapper
  • 3: Developer
  • 4: Admin
  • 5: Server Host
  • 6: Scripter
Screenshot (1134)
After the access is changed, click the Check Mark.

A server restart is required.

Screenshot (1135)
Go into Task Manager and end Server.

Then reopen Server and wait for the load.

Screenshot (1136)
Enjoy the benefits of the rank you have chosen.

Port Forwarding

The port must be open if you wish the have others playing your game.

Otherwise, enjoy playing solo.

This section is a work in progress since i know nothing about it.

Screenshot (1149)
This is a port checker tool. It's a simulation of others trying to connect to you.

A timed out result means that the port is still closed.


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